Direct Mail

The average consumer is exposed to 3,000 marketing messages per day. Spangler Graphics offers solutions to help you cut through the clutter, reduce postage costs and increase Return on Investment.

From short run to long run, Spangler Graphics can help you deliver highly targeted direct mail campaigns. With the world's largest and most advanced integrated digital footprint, and leading web capabilities, we deliver solutions that enable you to breakthrough the marketing clutter and motivate customers to act.

Best-in-class Direct Mail Solutions... RR Donnelley features industry leading inline direct mail capabilities for products that come off the press ready for the mail. With 13 inline web presses, we are fully equipped for die cutting, folding, glueing and personalization. We also offer traditional direct mail production, insertion into envelopes and the ability to intelligently inkjet each piece. To complement this arsenal of production capabilities, RR Donnelley has sophisticated mailing operations that move materials directly to the USPS. Conveniently located near virtually every National Distribution Center (NDC) and sorting center facility (SCF), we get your message to market faster with greater results.

Patented Flex Mailer... Unique eco-friendly packaging solution saves money by taking items that are non-machinable and allowing them to be mailed as an automated flat. The Flex Mailer is approved by the USPS and generates significant postage savings. When deployed using an intelligent mail barcode, the Flex Mailer can also be tracked online by the USPS. It's produced using wind energy and soy based inks, making it an environmentally-friendly packaging option.